3 Passive Income Business Ideas For 2020

In today’s episode you are going to learn the 3 Passive Income Business Ideas For 2020 with John Crestani.

Here’s the 3 Passive Income Business Ideas For 2020

Passive income is the best, It come’s in and you don’t have to do a lot of work for it. Most people are very motivated to be lazy.

The first idea of 3 Passive Income Business Ideas For 2020 is::

Selling My Course Through YouTube Videos

3 Passive Income Business Ideas For 2020

Every time you post a videos, it’s like an asset that live’s on for ever and it continues to get views. I still make thousands of dollars a month from the videos that i shot 2 to 3 years ago.

Which is crazy, but that’s the way Youtube works. Your content stays on Youtube for ever. So until Youtube goes down, every videos you shoot is a little asset for you.

Now the second of 3 Passive Income Business Ideas For 2020 is:

Making Money On Google Adsense On Your YouTube Videos

3 Passive Income Business Ideas For 2020

YouTube continues to be one of the best ways for making money online and it’s very easy to put up videos consistently 3 times a week.

Again it only takes 3 videos a week for 6 months to really start seeing your channel to grow.

Once you reach one thousands subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time, you will start being able to earn money from google.

Google put’s ads on your Youtube videos and you earn percentage of money from it.

Now the third of 3 Passive Income Business Ideas For 2020 is:

Create A Marketing Funnel With YouTube Ads For An Affiliate Product

It may seems a little bit complicated but what are you talking advantage of is the fact that YouTube advertising is an incredibly new world.

Big companies have no idea how to fully used Youtube platform to reach people. So if you don’t want to create videos.

You can create marketing campaigns for other products and what i suggest to that is actually get my course the super affiliate system pro.

You will learn how to do Youtube advertising effectively. I go through everything about YouTube advertising in my course.

It’s a major way to make money that’s very unsaturated right now. As you know a lot of people talks about Facebook Advertising right now.

And the truth is the opportunity is not there anymore. YouTube advertising is much easier because less people are talking about it, extremely effective.

By getting my course super affiliate system pro you’ll be ahead of 99.999 percent of the population in terms of Youtube Advertising.

You can spend a little bit of time creating a marketing funnel for other’s people’s product and earn a commissions for every sales.

And the great thing about marketing campaigns is their hands off. Once you got it running, once you get it profitable you just sit back and wake up with profits.

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