3 Ways To Make $1000 A Day With Your Phone

3 Ways To Make $1000 A Day With Your Phone

In today’s episode you are going to learn the 3 ways to make $1000 a day with your phone the simplest and the easiest way.

Here’s the 3 ways to make $1000 a day with your phone

So the First of 3 ways to make $1000 a day with your phone is super easy, tens of thousands of other folks are doing it right now.

And the best part, it’s 100% FREE and it’s EASY. The first way to make $1000 a day with your phone is:

1. Recording Videos

3 Ways To Make $1000 A Day With Your Phone

A lot of you may be stuck in your head, maybe you are worried about putting your face on camera or you want to only talk about things that interest you.

Well, nobody cares about what interest you, the only thing people care about is what interest them. So if you follow my steps in my other videos.

Like how to create a big Youtube channel, you can figure out the topics that interest other people. Again i’m gonna be blunt here, i’m here to teach you how to make money.

If you follow the proven steps to providing people content that they are interested in, In the way that they like best, you can use this and put up videos on Youtube.

If you follow my methods you can start earning money from Google Adsense. Now my first roughly 200 videos about the first year i was doing Youtube using my old phone doing selfies videos.

The quality wasn’t great you know the camera shook a little bit, it doesn’t matter people want content that interest them.

If you talk about material that interest people they will start following you. Again you’ve got to add value, so very easy to do, very simple.

The second way of 3 ways to make $1000 a day with your phone is is actually shooting ads.

2. Shooting and Running Video Ads

That may sound weird but actually for the general population in the world doesn’t prefer highly produced ads, they prefer ads that are personal.

Now a lot of my videos i’m kind of like speaking in a presenting voice but you could also talk like this and talk in more casual tone. Just be real with people.

For example,

“You say you know i used to be fat, you know it affected my self-esteem i wasn’t in a relationships and you know i would’t hang out with my friends because i was worried what they’d think of me. But then i discovered this magical miracle pill when i was on a trip in peru and this magical miracle ingredient was able to make me amazingly skinny and i wanted to share this with you so that other people can benefit from this same discovery.”

That’s an ad right? It doesn’t need to be complicated, again people respect genuineness. That’s what people crave they don’t want ads.

You can create better ads speaking genuinely to people just on your phone selfie style. So try it out, get good at advertising, at sales, and marketing.

Again it’s just selling, talking about people’s problems, talking about how you can solve their problems, talking about what benefits will come to them.

And then you tell people to act now you know give them some urgency to act pack some scarcity on it. Pack some social proof right.

It’s very easy to shoot ads all you have to learn is sales and marketing.

Another amazing really cutting-edge idea that can make you at least a thousand dollars from your phone is:

3. Consulting and Re-Teaching What Experts Teach

I actually know folks that are making over a million dollars a year selling consulting on their phone. Sounds crazy? I know one great app to use in selling consulting is called Voxer.


Voxer allows you to do a non-real-time voice communication which is really becoming popular amongst the kind of guru or consulting industry.

For people that just don’t want to have continually scheduled calls but they can respond to people’s questions on their own time.

The fact of the matter is people pay tens of thousands of dollars to receive consulting on really anything. Again you can re-teach some of my things.

Those are the 3 ways to make $1000 a day with your phone

I’d encourage you to get my the Super Affiliate System Pro to become an expert at affiliate marketing.

We’re also adding software to make it much faster and simpler to do affiliate marketing and really helping people to get an easy wins.

I help people get easy wins and our software is about automating the whole process of affiliate marketing that i teach which is using ad templates, site templates and affiliate offers.

We used it to put up advertise and that process takes about eight and a half hours for the average customer of mine who learns from super affiliate system.

Using our software we take that whole process down to less than five minutes. That’s how we’re trying to add value.

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3 Ways To Make $1000 A Day With Your Phone

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