5 Lessons I Learned From Making 10000+ Cold Calls

5 Lessons I Learned From Making 10000+ Cold Calls

In today’s episode you are going to learn the 5 lessons i learned from making 10000+ cold calls from people that have businesses.

Here’s the 5 Lessons I Learned From Making 10000+ Cold Calls

Now my job out of college was telemarketing job. It was where i had to do cold calls.

I had to call people that had businesses that had websites and i’d offer them seo services. Basically, charged them a thousand dollars a month to help them.

The lessons that i learned from making all these cold calls was plentiful and this was actually one of the best experiences that i ever had in my life.

In terms of developing myself and my career even though that i didn’t end up going into sales.

Now the first lessons i learned was that:

1. Learn by doing

5 Lessons I Learned From Making 10000+ Cold Calls

I went through every single book, every single course on sales that you could possibly go through zig ziglar, tom hopkins, tony robbins, grant cardone, jordan belford.

No matter how many courses i went through. No matter many books i read, it doesn’t make you better.

The only thing that mad me better was actually doing and doing and doing over and over again.

2. You can reach anybody you want to

5 Lessons I Learned From Making 10000+ Cold Calls

It doesn’t matter how important you perceive that person to be, their’s always a way, there’s always something that important people looking for.

And if you know they’re looking for, if you can figure out that out then you can get through their gatekeepers or you can reach them directly.

3. People work better in teams

5 Lessons I Learned From Making 10000+ Cold Calls

There were days when you know i did about four months of about roughly 120 calls a day. There were days when i woke up and i didn’t want to get hung up on.

Like 110 times right like that’s no fun. It’s like constant rejection all day and i just didn’t feel like it some days.

The fact that i went into an office, the fact that i was surrounded by a team of people who were also doing the same thing i was…

They give me motivation to push through that’s huge, you know even if you’re working alone even if you’re an:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Solopreneur
  • or whatever

Find other entrepreneur that you can team up with or meet up with on a weekly or daily or whatever basis.

Teams work better than individuals and it’s just a fact.

4. Building emotional fortitude

5 Lessons I Learned From Making 10000+ Cold Calls

You build up emotional fortitude to being rejected and that is an essential skills in business.

No matter what you’re doing whether it’s sales, marketing, customer service you’re going to have lost of bad experiences.

That emotional fortitude carried with me for the rest of my career. It’s very hard to phase.

5. Sometimes it just isn’t for you

5 Lessons I Learned From Making 10000+ Cold Calls

You can give something your best shot and sometimes you do everything that you expected to do.

Sometimes you read every book, you can learn every lesson. You can hire the best instructors, you surround your self with the best people and you still fail.

You’ll never get your stride and ultimately it’s just not meant for you. I learn that with sales.

I hope that was a helpful lesson, again let me know if you liked this content.

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