Elite Traffic Pro Free Download

Elite Traffic Pro Free Download

Elite Traffic Pro Free Download | It is a traffic coaching program by Igor Kheifet that shows how to build a large email list using a new strategy called Lead Banking using Igor's privately-developed traffic methodology.

Elite Affiliate Pro is an affiliate marketing coaching program. It shows how to pick and promote privet high ticket webinar offers as an affiliate.

These programs aren't mutually exclusive. They are complementary to each other.

The reason you'd want to enroll in Elite Affiliate Pro is because it teaches you how to promote high ticket affiliate products that pay big commissions.

How does Elite Traffic Pro works?

Inside Elite Affiliate Pro you will have Igor build an entire affiliate campaign from scratch over his shoulder, so you can follow along, offer you a rolodex of offers to promote (including the two offers shown above).

Elite Traffic Pro will solve your traffic problem

Perfect for people who are trying to create a big impact with small amount of effort. Igor's currently making upwards of $20,000 per week in commissions promoting these high ticket webinars as an affiliate.

Facebook Ads Alternative

Elite Affiliate Pro offers an alternative that you will only need to set up once and enjoy steady traffic for years.

Traffic that doesn't take forever

Most traffic sources take a long time to kick in and are very hard to scale. Lead Banks are quick to set up, quick to test and quick to scale, even for a complete beginner.

Scalable traffic on a budget

Elite Traffic Pro shows how to minimize losses and maximize your ROI with an affordable new traffic source.

Starts slow, scale fast with profits

Elite Traffic Pro offers an opportunity to start with less than $300 ad budget and scale using your profits with lead banks.

What landing page to use?

What landing page should you use? All these questions answered. Plus, hands-on over-the-shoulder training on how to set everything up for beginners.

Become a lead generation expert

Elite Traffic Pro shows a universal lead generation method you can use in any venture. Whether you want to drive traffic for yourself or offer this service to others.

Build a large responsive email list quickly

Elite Traffic Pro shows a predictable automatic way to build a large email list with a set budget. No surprises. No testing. No guesswork.

Pros of Elite Traffic Pro

  • 60-Second Lead Pages
  • Ultimate Lead Page Swipe File
  • Pre-flight Lead Page Checklist
  • Value Bribe Checklist
  • Bootstrap Production Toolkit
  • Scaling Checklist


Make money online is not an easy market to consistently make money in the way Igor does. If you want to learn from someone how to make money in the make money online space, I can't recommend Igor enough.

We fully recommend you Enroll to Elite Traffic Pro to get the Full Support!

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