How To Go From $0 To $1000 A Week With Affiliate Marketing

In today’s episode you are going to learn how to go from $0 to $1000 a week with affiliate marketing business model.

What are you going to learn?

Now let’s go over how you can go from absolutely zero dollars to your name to making a thousands dollars a week with affiliate marketing.

Now what’s great about affiliate marketing is it doesn’t require you to have:

  • Any paid tools
  • spend any money on anything
  • even affiliate networks to start making money

The best place to start and the only place to go from zero dollars is you want to start with:

Start With Free Traffic Strategies

Now since this doesn’t require any of your money to get started with, it will require your time to do to start earning commissions and money online.

Some places to start where you can post content out for free to get people viewing your content and interacting with it and perhaps buying the products that you are recommending is:

  1. Facebook

With Facebook you can simply build up an audience with your own profile and then create a group, then inside of your group you can tie that back to your affiliate link.

2. YouTube


On YouTube you can post videos for free and you can included an affiliate link in the description so when people click on it and buy you earn money.

3. Pinterest


Now on pinterest you can simply pin images that you create for free using the free photo editing and creation program called canva.

Then place your affiliate links on your pinned images and you can earn commissions.

4. Instagram


5. Twitter


All five of this site you can post content for free that is publicly available to anyone with an internet connection, Get traffic to your affiliate links.

Now the second tip here is that you’ll want to outsource these free strategies as fast as possible.

Outsource As Fast As Possible

Now, because they take a lot of your time once you start making money from doing the post, pins, videos, articles. You’ll want to find people to start taking over some of that work.

For instance i pay folks to edit these videos, I don’t do the editing myself anymore. For example, i pay people to manage some of my social accounts, my websites or blog.

.Why?, because it isn’t worth my time anymore and by hiring some somebody than the less than the amount of money i’m making.

I end up making profits and money without any time spent on my part passive income.

The third and possibly the most important tip i can give you to go from $0 to $1000 a week in affiliate marketing.

Is that you want to take the money that you are making from free strategies.

Once you’ve outsourced a bunch of that work and you freed up both your time, your generating money is to start reinvesting that money into paid advertising.

Start Investing On Paid Ads

Instead of allowing google, facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram sending you people to your affiliate links and your websites for free.

You are now going to advertise on Instagram, Start paying Facebook to advertise, Start paying YouTube to advertise.

Now you target your advertising so that every dollar you spend you make back two.

This is what John Crestani’s teach on his training course call the Super Affiliate System. Which released a new version of this year.

In the training course the major focus is support, again you can find the information that’s in the super affiliate system in john’s youtube videos.

You can use all these assets to make it easier for you on How To Go From $0 To $1000 A Week With Affiliate Marketing.

The most important here is to stay consistent when you’re producing free content, when your putting stuff out there.

Stay Consistent

You’re spending time to make more money, the biggest factor that holds back students of mine from applying the free traffic strategies the most is the consistency.

Most of the students allow life to cause them be inconsistent in what the content they’re producing online.

It just doesn’t work out, again the algorithms don’t care if your sister has a wedding this weekend, they want you to produce content.

And they will will punish you if you don’t produce content. So the algorithm that rules YouTube, Faceboook, Instagram, Pinterest are relentless.

But they are also the best because they’re perfectly non-biased and if you learn how to work with the algorithms that governs how traffic flows from instagram, twitter or more.

Then you will end up making a lot of money and you won’t have to report to anyone except the algorithm.

So thanks for watching, if you want to go deeper into marketing and learn about online business make sure you subscribe.

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How To Go From $0 To $1000 A Week With Affiliate Marketing

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