How To Make $10000 A Month With Affiliate Marketing

How To Make $10000 A Month With Affiliate Marketing

In today’s episode your are going to learn how to make $10000 a month with affiliate marketing working from home.

Here’s How To Make $10000 A Month With Affiliate Marketing

Now the first thing is you want to always make sure you get approved to multiple offers.

So many folk get hung up on promoting one single product in:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Network marketing
  • MLM
  • Direct marketing

You can chime in but basically i see those folks making the worst mistake which is just sticking to one offer.

The reality is that there really is no one size fits all product that just gets rid of everybody’s problems you want to have multiple products.

Test at anyone in-time, if you pick one offer you could be putting your time and effort into one thing that doesn’t convert very well.

People aren’t interested in buying that isn’t competitive. And this is a terrible place to be.

I made this mistake earlier this year where i was just promoting one particular offer and when i switched over to promoting multiple different offers.

Test Everything

Test everything always test anything even if you are profitable you should be always testing everything in your marketing:

  • Test your targeting
  • Test the audiences
  • Test your offers
  • Test your landing pages
  • or your pre-sell pages
  • Test everything in your ads
  • Test your headlines
  • Test your images
  • Test your descriptions

Again if you are not testing everything all the time your are missing out on the most valuable part of marketing.

And that is being able to optimize your way to success. The average marketer gives up when their first test fails.

Because they are getting emotional, whereas if you look at the marketers at the top we are constantly testing everything.

The average marketers allows fear of failure and loss to just emotionally take over their brain and make them give up.

This is why i say you have to take emotions out of the equations when you are looking at your business and just look at the data.

I’ve had ads where one ad has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars. But to create and figure out that one miracle ad, i had to test hundreds of ads to get there.

I was willing to test and keep testing because i knew that eventually that even little gains as long as i was making progress.

Every step of the way as long as i got a one percent higher click-through rate, as long as i got one higher conversion rate with one of my ten test.

Even if i had 9 failed ads and of one ad gave me a little boost, i knew i was making progress.

Eventually all of those one percent increases would over time add up to making me profitable on a large scale.

But again i was learning and i was collecting data and i trust the process, and the process is:

  • Copy
  • Test
  • Optimize

The process is copy what top people are doing test and just keep testing and optimize. Cut the red, grow the green.

I hope you maybe you learn something, if you learn something type it in the comment section, and let others know what your know.

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