How To Make $500 A Week Buying Fiverr Gigs

How To Make $500 A Week Buying Fiverr Gigs

In today’s episode you are going to learn how to make $500 a week buying fiverr gigs with john crestani.

Here’s How To Make $500 A Week Buying Fiverr Gigs

How To Make $500 A Week Buying Fiverr Gigs

Now i’ve used this weird little technique in my business to create for myself.

A very valuable digital assets by paying dirt cheap prices to help me build digital assets.

I’m going over my strategy for how i buy gigs on fiverr.

And i’m able to create digital assets that makes me as much as 500 dollars a week or more.

The first method is buying articles or videos on fiverr for five dollars.

Buy Articles And/Or Videos

There are skilled writers and video creators on fiverr that can create for you a article or a video on any topic imaginable for instance.

You can promote an affiliate product and to pay somebody on fiverr to write an article that promotes an affiliate products and get that article ranked on Google.

When people find the article and whenever people buy the product you make fifty dollars. One sale, one commission will cover the cost of ten fiverr articles.

Now the next thing to know that can make you really big money but it’s much more dangerous place to enter into is you can even make:

Buy Marketing Promotions

Now please, do not buy clicks! People who promise you traffic to your website are just gonna end up sending you bot clicks.

I don’t care where they say the traffic come’s from, it’s fake traffic. They aren’t people who are ever going to buy anything on your site.

But you can buy things like having people promote your Youtube Videos. You can buy things like people share your articles or your videos in other places.

Now even if the places that people share your videos, don’t necessarily end up creating for you new buyers or a lot of traffic.

It’s still providing Backlinks and Seo for your Youtube channel or for your blog that helps you get ranked.

If you get creative with how you approach buying marketing gigs on fiverr, you can find a lot of ways to make a lot money.

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