My Lead Gen Secret Review

Welcome to my My Lead Gen Secret Review | In today’s review we are going to talk about My Lead Gen Secret if it is worth it to try or it is just a waste of money and time? Let’s dive in.

My Lead Gen Secret Review

What is My Lead Gen Secret All About?

My Lead Gen Secret is a program created by Jim Harmon where he is sharing his secret to Making Money Online.

He give’s you 100 fresh leads everyday where you can download them or email them inside the my lead gen secret back office.

You get 200 fresh leads everyday when you get 1 active referral and stay active for the next month.

My Lead Gen Secret Review

You only send an email to your leads once every 24 hours in the back office.

They also have a built-in tracker where you can see the statistics of email you sent.

My Lead Gen Secret Review
My Lead Gen Secret Review

What are the Prices and Upsells?

When you decide to join my lead gen secret, the price you pay is $60.

You pay for $30 setup fee plus another $30 per month when you decide to stay.

My Lead Gen Secret Review

The next upsell is the Master Email Swipes.

This swipes are 30 done for you high converting swipes that you can use to any offer you want.

My Lead Gen Secret

The price for the master email swipes is almost $60.

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join My Lead Gen Secret

Below is the list of what you are getting when decide to join today:

  • 100 drip fed “Business Opportunity” email subscribers into your contact list EVERY 24-Hours…
  • Done-for-you emailing platform (CAN-SPAM Compliant)…
  • ​Earn $5/Month “RESIDUAL INCOME” per referral…
  • Earn $100 BONUSES for EVERY 5 customers you refer…
  • Pays by Check, PayPal or Bitcoin…

Plus they also pay you 5 levels:

My Lead Gen Secret Review

Does My Lead Gen Secret Works?

Okay, let’s talk about the truth about the leads.

I’ve been mailing my leads everyday for the whole month.

And here’s My Lead Gen Secret Results

My Lead Gen Secret Results 2021

After 29 days of mailing, i got only one sign up promoting my lead gen secret to my leads.

The rest of the people i refer is from facebook.

Not bad…

At least, we prove that the leads we receive daily are true people, not bots.

Let’s Talk About My Lead Gen Secret Results

I am a member of private group for My Lead Gen Secret Success Group.

I’ve seen many people are getting great results…

Some of them are making thousands of dollars every month.

Here’s the latest results they post on year 2021

My Lead Gen Secret Results
My Lead Gen Secret Results

These people are some of the top earners and a member since 2019.

The strategy they use to get more sign ups and sales are doing review videos and write reviews.

Let’s keep this secret! Okay?

Bonus #1 (The Master Email Swipes) – No need to purchase the Master Email Swipes.(I will send it to you)

Bonus #2 ( Special Invite To Private Facebook Group) – I will invite you to join the my lead gen secret group

To claim the bonuses, all you have to do is to contact me here

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