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Profits Lion is Safelist Website own by Maryanne Myers a PHP Programmer, Internet Marketer plus a Web Designer who ownes dozens of websites and have paid members through the years of 1998.

What is Profits Lion all about?

Profits Lion is a traffic exchange website where thousands of marketers agreed to receive other’s marketer’s promotional emails. It is a free to join website where you can promote your website, offers and more for Free.

Profits Lion

But if you want to maximize your website traffic they have an option where you can upgrade your account and receive up to 1,000+ visitors daily.


How does Profits Lion Work?

After you create an account on Profits Lion, You need to click 200 members ads so you can send your website to them that is guaranteed to receive up to 300 to 600+ clicks on every ad for a free members while if you are upgraded member up to 1,000+ clicks.

There are two options on how to click members ads, First is through email inbox, second is by clicking on easy surf ads.

The fastest way to get 200 clicks on ads is to use a chrome extension called Linkclump and open email inbox. By using Linkclump you can open all the links at once by holding z+left click mouse.

What are the prices on the upgrades?

Since Profits Lion is a free membership website, The fastest and the easiest way to get 1,000+ Website Visitors without clicking on ads and also to save time is to upgrade your account.

The First Choice You have is Monthly Upgrade ($17) – It is a monthly subscription.

The Second Choice is Per Year ($97) – You will be billed yearly subscription.

The Last Option is 1-Time Lifetime Offer ($147) – This is a Lifetime upgrade. Highly recommended.

What payment method they accept?

Profits Lion accepts the following payment method as list below:

  1. Uphold
  2. PaySimple
  3. Click Bank
  4. Google Pay
  5. Coinbase
  6. Coin Payments

Note for crypto purchase: Include a note with your username & what it is for or open a support ticket at Webstars2K


What are the benefits of a free membership vs upgraded membership?

Free Profits Lion Membership Includes:

  • Your email ads will always have a link to the previous email ad that YOU sent.
  • Can save your ads for sending.
  • Can win the weekly “Power Lion” ad bundle.
  • Can see the stats for your email ads
  • Can send once a day.
  • Earn 25% of direct sales referred – including monthly subscriptions (1 time)

Upgraded Profits Lion Membership Includes:

  • Has all of the benefits of a free membership
  • Can send twice a day. (1 email ad is auto-sent)
  • Earn 50% of direct sales referred – including monthly subscriptions
  • Earn 20% on 2nd level monthly sales from your signups. This is repeated monthly commissions on their sales too!
  • Email ads are guaranteed 1000 visits, but get up to 1500+ visits
  • Unlimited visits and views on your “Power Lion” ads, which is one 125×125 banner and one login ad
  • NEW!! 15,000 Cluster clicks. This means 15,000 hits to your sites on the owner rotator!
  • NEW!! Ads get a Longer timer on the surf & upgraded email ads are shown twice as much, in COLOR.

Can you earn money on profits lion?

Yes! You can earn money on profits lion even if you are a Free member by simply promoting your referral url. You can earn 25% commissions on each purchase as a free member while if you are an upgraded is 50% commissions.

Is profits lion legit?

Absolutely! I have been paid $20 already through Bitcoin see below:



Profits Lion is one of my Free traffic source i personally used to get free traffic to my offer and i have been getting good results for free.

Join now and send your first email and get tons of free traffic to your website today.


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