The 3 Best Online Side Hustles

The 3 Best Online Side Hustles

In today’s episode you are going to learn The 3 Best Online Side Hustles that you can start if you want to make money online.

I’ve made tens of millions of dollars at this point actually over 20 million dollars working on the internet and i will pass this knowledge to you to help you get started.

Here’s The 3 Best Online Side Hustles

So the first of the 3 best online side hustles that you can start to make money online is:

1. Done For You Services

The 3 Best Online Side Hustles

Now, done for you services can be a great place to start if you’re new online and looking for a side hustle.

Business owners with lots of money and with very little time need people to do stuff for them.

Now if you figure out what those things are, you can offer them to people like myself as paid services.

This will let you build a new skill set which can be very valuable in the long term. You’ll also get a base income that you invest in starting your own business.

Plus you can even get close to a big entrepreneur, a big marketer and possibly get free mentor ship from them.

Eventually you can outsource your services and figure out ways to automate what your doing so it won’t take as much as time.

The second of the 3 best online side hustles is:

2. One on One Consulting

The 3 Best Online Side Hustles

Now you’ll be learning a lot as an entrepreneur and you can get paid to share what you learn with others that you don’t know as much as you know.

Again you don’t know need to be the smartest person in the room, you just need to know a little bit more than the next guy and get paid for consulting.

Even you just learned your first skill, there’s somebody who doesn’t know it. There’s a lot of big businesses with money who probably don’t know it.

And you can simply sell one-on-one consulting where you share that skill with either individuals or big businesses.

All you have to do is figure out the phases they need to move through with whatever skill that your selling.

If it’s four phases, you can sell them four calls and talk about one phase per call. Give them a call recording and written notes as a bonus.

The call recordings can even be turned into an info product and sold to generate you passive income. I’ve done this with affiliate marketing.

I brought it down into a three-step sytem:

  • People – Which is targeting place
  • Place – Which is the landing page
  • Product – Which is picking the right product

And i sell my information product for anywhere form five thousand to one thousand dollars online and this generates me hundreds of of thousands of dollars per month.

Now the third of the 3 best online side hustles is:

3. Affiliate Marketing

The 3 Best Online Side Hustles

Affiliate Marketing is a lot more passive than services or consulting. The money you make from services and consulting can be used to fund it.

You can simply find products that you want to offer people, whether it’s:

  • weight loss
  • investment products
  • business products
  • training products
  • supplements

And you find an affiliate network that has them such as ClickBank and they will pay you a commission each time somebody buys a product that you recommend.

The biggest affiliate program is Amazon. People make millions and millions of dollars a year recommending products that are on amazon.

Now one great way to do affiliate marketing is to use Click Funnels and create a squeeze page.

You send traffic to the squeeze page and you use that to build your email list.

Then send people after they register their email over to the product that you’re going to recommend they buy.

That way get two sources of way of building an audience, you get money and you get an email list.

What’s great about affiliate marketing is you get sell something that you don’t own yourself that you don’t have to build or support yourself.

You just learn how to send free or paid traffic to the funnel and you make money.

I have a course on affiliate marketing if you’d like me to teach you how to do this. It’s called the super affiliate system pro.

Iv’e been a full time affiliate marketer, that’s how i make a lot of money. I prefer selling other people’s product rather than managing people, recruiting or hiring etc…

Now if you enjoy learning about my channel, I talk a lot about affiliate marketing. So make sure to follow me.

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