The Fastest Way To Make $5000 As A Beginner

The Fastest Way To Make $5000 As A Beginner

In today’s episode you are going to learn The Fastest Way To Make $5000 As A Beginner and start your own online business.

Here’s The Fastest Way To Make $5000 As A Beginner

Now, I’ve started a lot of different businesses and that first couple thousands dollars is definitely always the hardest money to get.

Hopefully some of these simple tricks will help you start your own business and start earning money.

Selling Services is the Easiest Way To Make Money

The Fastest Way To Make $5000 As A Beginner

Selling services where you’re trading your time for money is the easiest way to make money.

I’m not talking about trading your time for seven dollars or ten dollars an hour. I’m talking about providing a service for business owners that is in demand.

An example of a services that you can offer business owners or just really anybody is you can do stuff such as:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Billing Fulfillment
  • Networking
  • etc..

There’s a whole lot of plethora of types of services you can offer and instead of trading your time for money where you have an employer pay you a couple of dollars an hour.

You can actually offer them the services such as you will do video editing or you’ll edit 20 videos a month for $500.

Think of a service you can offer rather than thinking of who can hire me. Because when you provide a service that solve’s a businesses pain points you can help them out a lot…

You can make money in return. Now kind of playing off of this concept of creating a service that you are offering to companies is go out there and learn a skill.

Learn A Skill That’s Highly In Demand

The Fastest Way To Make $5000 As A Beginner

You can find what skills are in demand by companies is go on glassdoor and just search what job positions that big companies are hiring for.

You’ll get kind of a sense of what companies need help with in today’s environment. You’ll find a lot of interesting things for instance in the programming world.

Maybe it’s you know java script or maybe it’s understanding how to data escrow, setting up data escrow services like crossbeam.

Use Your Facebook Profile To Make Money

The Fastest Way To Make $5000 As A Beginner

Again, don’t use it to just chat with friends because if you’re using it that way then you’re letting Facebook sell you then you’re the product you’re being sold.

Rather than using their platform to reach people and actually make money from it and what you can do along those lines is…

Instead of posting about what you ate for lunch or maybe how you’re feeling happy or sad or whatever is you use Facebook to post content around the business or the service.

Again this takes a little mental shift because you may say:

“oh my Facebook is like you know my baby and i don’t i keep my profile private and i don’t want people see what’s going on your life”.

You don’t need people to see what’s going on in your life, you can connect with them in person and you can use Facebook to make money online.

Money Is A Choice

The Fastest Way To Make $5000 As A Beginner

If you choose to prioritize you know you’re like “oh i want to spend time with my friends or spend time with my family or hobbies”.

That’s great, but usually that means that’s where your priorities. Your priorities are not making money.

If you’re watching this on my channel i’d assume your priority is all about making more money and i’m just gonna tell you flat out.

You got to create your whole identity around making money, around being an entrepreneur.

Tell me in the comment section below of what are your feed backs on The Fastest Way To Make $5000 As A Beginner.

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